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Pursue Your Purpose - Prosper Pathways

Prosper Pathways is about helping you be your best & achieve a purpose-driven life!

You are designed for greatness! Cherish each day and live for your purpose. Have meaningful goals that propel and excite!

Here at Prosper Pathways we strive to solve the big issues people often struggle with and help you plan and start good habits for success. Often we feel stuck, even with some self-motivation in place it is often difficult to focus day to day and get the results we need. You may be in career you don't enjoy, people you don't see eye to eye with, you don't have the income or lifestyle you want. Your health and fitness isn't what you want. Disagreements about money, too little time with the kids and family. You may want to serve more and be more community focused. We all have different views on success and what that means to us. The possibilities are endless...because they are yours!

It's important to realize we as a society we are pushed into a mold. That mold doesn't fit everyone. It's time to stop apologizing and start living! We live fearful of money or lack thereof, drawn into a standard education system to doesn't teach life or money skills. We are supposed to pick our life's work when we are still kids. There is very little thinking on living in an abundant state. We often react to our environments, we don't lead with purpose. Find your purpose and live! Show others it is possible. Don't be content because that is what is accepted. Build your future with habits and goals that are meaningful and excite. One where you can help others without having to put your own needs first. Build wealth in all forms, and build a legacy for your family and be known for breaking through and making a difference.

Pursue Your Purpose - Prosper Pathways

Let's not kid ourselves, life can get us down. Growing up we had big dreams. As we grow older life has a way to start burying those dreams in order to cover the mortgage or pay for the car. Family, friends do generally mean well, however you don't know how to tell them you want and feel something more. That the dream is still there. You want to accomplish so much more, but how?

This is where we come in. An outside source of positive interaction through coaching can make all the difference to set you on the right path to pursue your purpose. We believe through planning, focus and determination all goals are achievable! Even if you do not know what those goals are we can help you through that and get you to where you need to be.



What is holding you back from where you feel you need to be?

This is what we do!

We get in conversation and help overcome roadblocks.

More often then not it's finding the roadblocks first then taking action to help you be successful.

No matter where you're at, we are here to help.


Our Core Values focus on Development of:

Leadership -- To be effective leaders for our families and community.

Legacy -- To build a positive legacy that inspires us to achieve.

Lifestyle -- To live our days according to our will and our purpose.


Topics we cover according to your needs:

-- Career Planning/Change, Skills Assessment, Resume Guidance, Interview Prep, Sales Skills

-- Financial Review, Spending Analysis & Savings Automation, Cash Flow Cycles, Insurance/Liabilities Review, Resolution of Debt, Credit Score Builder, Financial Independence Number(FIN), Wealth Management Concepts

Health & Mindfulness 
-- Exercise, Nutrition Insights, Sleep, Energy, Fulfillment

Self Improvement
-- Accountability, Self-Awareness, Leadership, Education, Audios, Programs of Interests, Reading

Time Management
-- Habits, Routines, Day Planning, Balance, Resourcefulness


Emotional Topics We Cover (Depending on need)

Accountability, Action Planning, Brainstorming, Clarity, Distractions, Environmental, Fears, Focus, Limiting Beliefs, Implementation, Motivation, Overwhelm, Perfectionism, Purpose, Self-sabotage, and Vision.

Our Mentorship Series highlights and discuss emotional topics in most detail.


Success - Prosper PathwaysWHO WE SERVE

Our platforms are designed primarily for professionals, sales people, business owners, and those who are goal-focused and driven but need a clear path to move forward on.

Ultimately, we will serve anyone who is very motivated and serious about next level results, so if that is you congrats!

We work best with those who are passionate. No one has everything figured out. We will not always work on weaknesses either. It's about finding the best opportunity for growth and moving forward. We just ask that we are open and willing to help put in effort and time as needed. We are here for you and your successes and those successful help us all which is what matters!

Currently serving those within United States and Canada. For those outside of these countries, let us know, we may be able to make a referral or serve you in some capacity.



We provide seven essential platforms
- Through our strategy session we can help you identify which platform is ideal for you.

Goal Seeker
- Determine what your goals are and should be. Initiate steps to start pursuing them.

Time Tackler

- Create ways to get more done by redefining your day.

Money Matters
- Creation of a family budget, financial statement, and financial review.

Resume Rescue
- We revive your resume by highlighting your background and skills and help you stand out.

Next Step Prep
- Help with the next step in your career through career change and prep for an interview.

Leadership Edge 
- Helping you build leadership skills and seek new ways for growth.

Mentorship Series
- One to one guidance in areas that matter most to you.
Available in 4, 8, or 12 Sessions. Each session approx. 1 hour.

Need help deciding where to start?
- Free 30 Minute Strategy

Success - Prosper Pathways



Technology is our friend!

As discussed, our group coaching is done via Facebook through our group. One-to-one coaching is done over the Zoom or Skype app. There are all free to download. Please have a fast internet connection and/or smart phone available.

Our platforms are meant to assist you in your journey. They will demand some time, focus and effort. If you are tired of the status quo and are serious about results should you move forward. You will best see results with support and motivation from family and those close to you. We suggest you discuss with them your goals. That conversation should be exciting but it can be frustrating as well. Do not let that deter you from your vision however.

The questions to ask are:Family - Prosper Pathways
- Where will you be a year from now? 
- How about five years? 
- In twenty-five? 
- What position will your family be in? 
- What does your legacy look like?
- How many people will you impact?

We suggest you ask those questions to yourself and to your family. Get them involved! Part of our strain is thinking too small and worrying about others. This is your time, your family's time. Ask the big questions. It may be for the first time, that is Okay. The key is to get your thinking and taking the first steps towards success.


To get started, schedule your complementary Strategy Session and complete the Strategy form, which is below. Once you and your Coach have that first conversation, you both will understand better where you are at and in what ways we can help you. From there you can decide which sessions you would like to proceed with.

You want great results and we desire great clients. It's a WIN-WIN! We want to WOW you beyond expectations every time. We are results driven! We expect results from ourselves and our clients. We are in business to build leaders and help others build success in order to better impact your family, your community, and accomplish what matters to You!

Success - Prosper Pathways


If you are interested, we would be pleased to have you! Please follow these steps.

1. Complete the Discovery Form on the website - https://www.prosperpathways.com/strategy

2. Schedule your Strategy Session (no charge) - Free 30 Minute Strategy

3. Arrange Payment. We will provide detailed statement to your email, forward payment via Paypal and then you're all set!

Have Questions?

If you have a question please use our contact page below or visit us on social media, we will happily reply.



The decisions we make impact our lives in every way possible. Although some more then others, it is entirely possible your outlook can be forever moved by making the decision to try something meaningful. It's very likely one small decision can change your entire life and legacy for generations to come. It's your journey, and the exciting thing is you get to decide what that looks like!

We look forward to serving you in your journey and look forward to your prosperous future!