Please note that individual results will vary. Your success is determined by you and is according to factors outside of our control. Although we hope that better health, wellness and a better financial outcome is a key part of your success, it is not guaranteed.  The effort you put forth will greatly impact your results. While we strive to assist with your achievement, you will be the determining factor in the results you see. Various factors outside of our core platforms may be included in our system. These factors may change at any time and may be different according to individual needs, desires, obligations or other factors.

No Professional Advice. Nothing contained in our services, nor in the information provided by the Company, nor by other parties is intended to be, nor should be construed by the Client to be legal, accounting, tax, financial, or investment advice.  Rather, the Client should and agrees to seek out and obtain legal, accounting, tax, financial, or investment advice from stated professional.  Through the consumption of our materials and/or conversation, the Client acknowledges and understands that the Company is not a law firm, accounting firm, tax firm, or investment company; and the employees, members, managers, representatives, purchasers, consumers, or other agents of the Company are not lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, or investment advisers, or serving in such a role.  They are not authorized to provide, and do not provide, legal, accounting, tax, financial or investment advice. 

Our goal is to provide insight and information that can be useful to you. Our platform includes both coaching and consulting dynamics. Any recommendations you may encounter by our staff are to be deemed as such. You are not required to spend additional money, time, or make investments in any products or services offered or suggested outside of a specific contract that you sign before services are provided. Please note that our staff are not therapists, emotional counselors or psychologists. We cannot recommend specific nutritional aspects. Please see your doctor before starting any diet or fitness program. Please consider consulting with a tax or financial professional regarding your financial situation or obligations.

Your privacy is very important. Please consider that if you join one of our group platforms that your results will be shared with the group. Our One to One clients personal info is kept confidential unless we request in writing to share your results or feedback. 

For specific policies or more information please call or email your request using our contact info on this page. Upon initiation of services you will be provided a full copy of our standards and privacy policies. 

For legality purpose and warranty of information; Company as presented, is in reference to Prosper Pathways, Remie Longbrake, & Remie D. Longbrake. Client representation shall represent any persons who consumes Company contact on this website or through Company social media profiles and presentations.

Thank you for your consideration and responsibility in all matters contained therein. We look forward to your business and seeing you Prosper!