Top 20 Things You Need in Order to be a Huge Success

02 Nov

by: Remie Longbrake | published: Nov. 2, 2020

Do you have what it takes to be successful? You don’t need the right family, an inheritance, supportive parents, good looks, or anything else that’s beyond your control. Those things can certainly make the road easier, but they’re not the only way to success. In fact it all starts with you, but first you have to develop the proper traits and habits to get there.

Here’s our list of what you’ll need for success; 

1. Have a vision for the future. It’s important to know what you want. How will you get what you want if you don’t know what you want? A vision for the future is the same as making decisions about what you want and don’t want. 

  • That vision also provides the motivation to continue when things become challenging, and they will.
  • Share your vision with your family and why you see things the way you do.

2. Goals. Once you have a vision, you’re in the position to create goals to make that vision a reality. Failing to have goals is deciding to keep your life the same. 

  • Write your goals down every day. Think about them, tweak them as you need to, but make sure these goals are your own, as that is imperative to accomplishing them.

3. Know your strengths. Your greatest potential will involve one of more of your strengths. Most strengths can be applied to any endeavor with a focused approach.

  • The first step is to identify these strengths. What are you better at than nearly everyone you know? What has always been easy for you? What are you best at?

4. Know your weaknesses. While weaknesses can, and often should, be strengthened, it’s helpful to avoid them at all costs when it’s time to get busy. Relying on your weaknesses increases the odds of failure. 

5. Create workable habits. A thin, attractive, healthy body is the result of an effective set of habits. Effective habits will also provide you with a healthy bank account. Your ability to reach your goals is largely dependent on your ability to create and implement habits.

6. Make a commitment. Mastery requires commitment. It’s the commitment to develop yourself, overcome obstacles, and to put in the necessary time. It’s the commitment to find a mentor and to avoid those appealing distractions.

7. Deal with discomfort. Success involves change. Change is uncomfortable as are new situations. How do you handle discomfort? Do you become overwhelmed, grab the remote, and head for the couch with a plate full of cookies? Or do you take a deep breath, step up, and take care of business? 

  • Successful people are able to act even when they feel most uncomfortable.
  • Focus back to your goals when things get difficult. 
  • Use discomfort as an advantage, and know that others feel the same way, but will likely not go through, but you will because you know it’s for you.

8. Look ahead. Successful people look ahead and make appropriate plans. They see their future opportunities and challenges and modify their plans and behaviors accordingly. Life also goes more smoothly if you’re proactive and stay focused on what matters. 

9. Focus on improvement. Seek regular small improvements. Consistent progress is the key to mastering anything. It might take day, months, years, or even decades, but know to be an expert in anything takes time and effort.

  • If perfection is your daily goal, you’ll be disappointed. Weekly progress is an attainable goal that can keep you going.

10. Avoid distractions. Distractions are the enemy to progress, and ultimately success. We all have things we enjoy doing that accomplish nothing other than providing temporary amusement. Focus on progress over pleasure.

  • Make a list of your favorite distractions. How willing are you to avoid these items? This is a good indicator of your potential for success. Try to eliminate one at a time, slowly, until that distraction is no longer there.

11. Delegate. In any successful business, the best people for the job do those tasks. Focus on what you do best and delegate the rest. This is about growth of you, your family, your goals. Let go of trying to do everything. Share your vision with those around you. Bring in the right people and stay accountable to each other.

  • Use the SWOT analysis to hone in on your strengths. Those that others can do better, delegate. (Available in our resource page)

12. Get some grit. Much of the journey to reach your goals isn’t fun or exciting. It’s a grind. The ability to persevere when there’s nothing exciting going on is a good way to gauge how successful you can become. The easier it is for you to give up, the less likely you are to be successful. Be willing to push away those who don’t see eye to eye. Be strong and don’t settle. Especially when people challenge you, relay on your goals and vision, share your points, and be willing to move on. 

13. Have a sense of humor. Life has a funny way of humbling the best of us. Things will go wrong no matter how well you prepare. Unique opportunities will pop up along the way however. If you can laugh at life and its follies, you’ll have a better chance of experiencing and enjoying success on the road ahead.

14. Develop patience. Creating success requires time and patience. Patience is necessary to see concrete results. Without patience, frustration eventually will win. Stay hungry, but realize what you want will take time. Have a timeline in place, check off accomplishments and don’t forget to celebrate those wins!

15. Review your results. Having a vision and goals isn’t enough. It’s important to review the results you’re getting. Is your plan working? Could you make some changes that would bring better results? Measure and review your results regularly, at least weekly, ideally daily. 

16. Learn to sell and persuade. It’s crucial to be able to connect with people and sell others on your vision, your mission and what you do. Don’t let others tell you sales is bad, in fact we are either selling or being sold every day in our thoughts, actions, and everything we do. Learn to influence others and sell your ideas for the greatest results.  

17. Have a powerful network. There isn’t too many things you can do completely on your own. Others will need to be involved along the way. They might be customers, clients, suppliers, partners, or the public at large.Develop relationships with those who not only have vision of their own, but see you as their peer and is willing to share your worth with others. 

18. Share your value with others. It’s not all about you. In fact if you want to better yourself, better others. You have skills and knowledge that others do not, and vise visa. Be that friendly face, be known for your kindness and other will notice, which will pay dividends.

19. Seek out experts. Reach out to the best in your field and make contact. At the very least, read books on the topic written by experts. The library can provide you with plenty of information on best steps, techniques and skills to develop. When you do meet someone, don’t just ask them for advice, see how you can better their life and be a resource to them first. Could be an introduction, client referral, an idea you have, ect. Anything to help and add value to them.

20. Find a mentor. The best of the best don’t reach their ultimate potential without a mentor, coach, adviser, or someone who can help get desired results. It can shave years off your learning curve and help you to avoid the mistakes you’re destined to make on your own. Mistakes alone could cost you thousands if not more. Those who know go to a pro.

Success doesn’t require anything outside of your control. You need a vision, a plan to get there, and the ability to follow through. You can be as successful as anyone you’ve ever known or read about. Take control and create a life that will reward you and your family, no matter what that looks like to you. Begin today by creating a vision of the future that compels you to make goals and take action.

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