The Ultimate Guide to Setting New Years Resolutions that Thrive

03 Jan

by: Remie Longbrake | published: January, 3 2021

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to start fresh. If there's any aspect of your life that you'd like to improve, set some clear and attainable goals for yourself that will help you get there.

Covid has changed the way we interact and often we’re faced with harsh realities. Regardless, we can’t let outside circumstances dictate our results or our happiness. We need to take calculated steps, stay consistent and keep working towards what matters most to us.

Many of us do practice setting resolutions at the beginning of the year, but more often then not, end up abandoning them a few days or weeks later. Now is a great time to start fresh, have new beginnings and help change your life for the better! 

Use these steps outlined below to stay on track and reach your goals! 

Start Out Slow

It's important to take it slow and not take on too much at once. Most of us already live busy, often chaotic lives, and the main reason many people fail when it comes to their New Year's goals is because they fail to plan out a realistic path forward. 

Start out simply by thinking about what you want. Write those down and the reason you want the goal to begin with. Be serious with yourself. How long have you wanted these results. Why is it, and what can be done to ultimately accomplish this. Determine who could possibly help you with these goals and do your best to get a game plan together.

Once you determine the goals you do want ease into it. If it’s an exercise routine, don’t start out every day for an hour. You’re going to wear yourself out. Same if you want to take up writing, dancing, better finances, etc. It all works the same, meaning you’re going to get better results long term, if you take it slow.

Use SMART Goals

SMART Goals is a way to set standards to see through results. Often used in business to meet objectives, it’s also a great way to set your own personal standard and meet your goals!

The SMART system is an acronym for the following areas of a goal:

  • Get very SPECIFIC, on your goals. Know why you want the results.
  • Make sure your goal is MEASURABLE. Meaning that you can measure and track results, whether that’s a log, journal or both.
  • Have your goals be ATTAINABLE. Don’t get too crazy. Chunk down big goals to bite size bits.
  • Make you goals REALISTIC. Choose what you can and will accomplish within reason.
  • Give you goals the TIME they need to be successful, and don’t set yourself up to fail.

Focus on the F’s

The seven F’s is a powerful way to set goals around what’s usually most important to all of us. You can use these F’s to focus on the basics of life, but the key is to get specific, and no failure isn’t on this list!

  • Family: How can your goals better impact your family and make a better future for them. Enjoy experiences together and help each other meet goals.
  • Friends: What can you do to help your friends. Spend more time with them, share experiences, results This can include your community, church, co-workers, etc.
  • Faith: How can you better your relationship with God. Serve Him better, become a better person, listen more, end bad habits, help heal bad relationships and get in the right mindset so you can really focus.
  • Finances: What could you do to be better with money. Make more, save more, use money in better ways and stop wasting money. Have a plan for the future, both short and long term.
  • Freedom: In what ways can you free up time and have less stress. Try to work more proactively so you can meet your goals quicker and achieve what’s important for you.
  • Fitness: What can you do to better your fitness level and your health in a positive way. Exercise, get enough sleep, have more energy, better habits.
  • Fun: How can you have more fun for yourself, family and friends. Hobbies, interests, any fun projects, or just time with family. Include time for yourself, relax, games, and include your goals in incorporate so every day you can relax some.

Keep things Reasonable

You have to stay reasonable when it comes to your New Year's goals. The holidays are a joyful time, and often times you'll feel motivated to achieve something big. And the start of the new year can be exciting to know that a new leaf is here to be turned over. Know that you can achieve big things, and it’s great to have then, however you’ll want to chunk these goals down to bit size pieces that can be more easily obtainable.

I believe it’s a good idea to have larger goals to work for, something that excites you and big enough that you’ll want the end result. If you want to make a long-term goal like this, break it up into sections. You can go 5 years out if you want, but ultimately, take time to break that down, into yearly, monthly, weekly, and ultimately daily actions that will get you there.

Visualize the End Result

When you run into snags in the road, as you certainly will, it will help to visualize yourself reaching your end goal. Visualizing it makes it feel real and motivates you to continue to work hard to make results happen. 

You can visualize in a number of ways. One is through meditation and thinking about what it would be like to have it. Another is through writing down your goals, but do you’re writing from the perspective of already having the end result already. Third, make up a dream board or vision board or goal board. You can scour the internet and print pictures of what you want and post them. Keep this board in view where you can see it daily. Start and end your days through visualization is powerful.

Make Sure You Want This

Make sure the result is your own. Often we can get caught up in what our spouse wants, kids need, and forget about what we want. Most success isn’t achieved because one we under estimate the effort it will take, and two, we’re doing it for the wrong reason. Regardless, of how much you want something, you need to be sure, this is really for you, and you’re going to be able to see it through.

Have the Right Attitude

If you're practicing the right attitude, you’ll eventually get there. It starts by believing in yourself. You've probably realized that if you don't believe that you can accomplish something, you simply won't. You can’t expect to achieve great things if you don't believe in yourself, regardless of how much someone may believe in you.

An optimistic attitude is critical to success. Think about how you felt when you first thought of this New Year's goal. Chances are that excited you so try to maintain that mindset throughout your journey to success with your goal.

There’s also a good chance that the goal also challenges you and perhaps frightens you to certain degree. Change is tough and can be scary. The fear you feel is the change, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, if anything that means you’re on the right track.

Remember to Follow Through

Keep in mind that the bigger the goals are the longer it’s going to take and the more effort will be needed. like these will take some time and effort. 

Remember that the beginning is going to be tough. After all, it’s something new, and anything new is going to take time. 

Tell yourself that this is worth it. Pep yourself up. Success won’t happen overnight, but as long as you have a plan and make time to act daily, you’ll end up getting what you want.

You know that you won't lose the weight quickly; it's a steady loss that brings success. Even if you're short a couple of pounds on one of your short-term goals, you can revise your plan and kick up the pace, or just continue on your path because you'll reach your 50 pound goal before the year is out. That's what you'll be able to accomplish with a solid plan in place.

Pray About It

The power of prayer is powerful. Faith can get us through the most challenging times. Lean on this to help with guidance and strength to see your goals through. From the goals you have, to the actions you take, get real by really thinking about how this can change your life and why you feel you want these results. 

Be thankful for what you have right now, it’s a miracle you are here to begin with. Feel for what’s right, listen to what’s being spoken into you, and write down your thoughts. Try to understand why you want this and focus on where you have been already and use that as fuel to guide you forward.

Share Your Goals 

You need to keep yourself accountable. The best way to do that is to tell others your plan. If you keep it to yourself, then that is a good chance, you’re going to fail. It’s a simple as that. If your serious about meeting your goals, then tell you family, best friend, let them help you get there.

Another step you can take is share these goals by making posts on your social media. Again, friends and family can see this, but so can others, perhaps strangers you haven’t met yet. It’s entirely possible to team up with others and keep each other accountable.But the power in letting others know is that you don’t want to let them down nor yourself. Give updates, show your struggles and let them help you overcome and become better and want you want.

Share Your Successes and Struggles 

Just like sharing your goals with those friends, family, and otherwise, it’s just as powerful to share your successes and struggles. Let people know how you’re doing, share those successes for sure, but also the struggles, and challenges you face. Be real with yourself and others, we all know success isn’t possible without failure, share it all, or as much as your comfortable with. Let others route for you and untimely you’ll win.

Network with Like Minds 

It’s highly important to hang out and associate with those who also see success as a priority. To many people live day to day. There’s nothing wrong with that if you already have everything, but more often then not, we all have the next something to work towards.

If you’re not already around motivated people, then you need to work towards meeting them. In today’s Covid world, it’s not always practical to meet people face-to-face, but with the internet and our phones, it’s easier then ever talk with people. There’s many groups, whether locally, at work, your gym, YMCA, church, chamber events, or online through Facebook and LinkedIn groups and meetups. So much is done over Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and countless others, that you’re just and call away from meeting great people!

There’s events every day, so don’t be a stranger because you not only cheating yourself, you’re effecting others, who could need your experiences and wisdom to overcome and meet their goals as well.

Find a Mentor 

A powerful motivator is to find a mentor or a coach who can help you find your best path forward. Whether that’s with your fitness, health, finances, or hobbies, there’s practically an experienced pro in about anything, who’s been there in your shoes, and can help shave months off your learning curve and possibly more. You’re paying for their experiences and wisdom so there will usually be costs associated, but it can definitively speed up your results and keep you accountable.

Reward Yourself and Have Fun!

It’s important when setting goals to also set incremental rewards as your achieve them and have fun. Really what you're working towards should excite you, but yes it could be a chore. Try to have fun though, and set rewards as much as you need to, just make sure your rewards won’t derail your success. If you’re a spender, limit your excess spending and reward yourself to something nice perhaps once a month, within your budget. If you have a sweet tooth, try to keep the sweets out of the cupboard and go out to get the treat. As you accomplish bigger goals, the rewards could be bigger too, but make sure you feel as if the reward was worth it given the challenges you just overcome to begin with.

You can reward yourself also by actually helping others. Helping others should be the biggest reward of all by making positive difference in their lives. Share value, talk with others, praise, volunteer, what ever you feel you can make the most difference. It would be very cool to log your journey and see where you were to where you are now and help show others that the result of success is becoming better at who we are.

In Closing 

New Year’s resolutions should be inspiring and motivating. You want to feel as if you’re doing good for yourself and set goals big enough that you keep moving forward. We won’t always get those wins, and especially when it gets tough, remember why you started. Use your experiences and willpower to keep going and don’t forget to celebrate successes as they come. 

The greatest impact we have is to help others with their own challenges, seek help with yours, to be brave, have fun, and always do your best!

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