The Motivation Factor

02 Feb

by: Remie Longbrake | published: Feb 2, 2019

As I sit here in a busy cafe, I look around at the scurry of people as they move about their day. I look as the difference and the similarities of folks and wonder what they are thinking. The actions of people are striking, how they bond and interact with each others. It's amazing as God's creatures that we are so unique in our abilities to carry conversations and be our own selves. 

I often wonder what moves people. I am a Christian at heart and I fully know the power of His word. I also realize many people are not Christian, some being of other faiths or of no faith at all. It would be interesting to do a study to gain insight on all of us to determine our level of happiness. There are so many people out there who are not happy, and I really wonder how many of them are not faith driven. With depression so high and so much crime and debt in our world, I kind of find it depression in itself that there is so much depression to begin with. 

With hope there is faith, and with faith there is hope. It's such a deep topic. Obviously, there is so much involved. Family structures, personality traits, teachers, coaches, mentors, work environments, financial situations. All of those and more are some of the factors that come to mind that direct us to who we are. We also the have church environment. I know growing up there was not much relationship at all with the church. I wonder what sort of impact that made on my life. As a church member and follower today, it's everything. I think that aspect alone by not having the church or a close God relationship for all those years. What could I have accomplished today that I already have not? I cannot put blame on parents and I am not afraid that God somehow doesn't appreciate me, but I do feel as though I missed out. I also wonder what all the people out there that was or is in that circumstance whether growing up or present, what did they miss out on? 

I would be a stretch to say that people who are not faith followers are not happy. I am sure many are. I can say however, that in my own experience that what I thought was happiness before has been increased ten fold since being a believer.  Whether you are struggling or not, I would challenge you and anyone to take the chance, take the time to reflect on your values and what you want in life. Set a plan of six months, one year, five and ultimately what you believe you are meant to do. If you do not know, I ask you to pray on it! With faith will come answers. They may not be immediate, but they will come with time. 

If I can be a case study on what I am referring to by all means sign me up. Challenge me as you challenge yourself. Be your best always. Find what drives you and move forward.

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