Pump Up Your Energy for Summer: 12 Ways to Revitalize Now

23 Jun

by: Remie Longbrake | published: June 23, 2019

Now that summer is here, you’re probably excited about the things you can do in warm, sunny weather. We can finally enjoy all what summer offers; picnics, swimming, street fairs. Maybe you prefer activities with more kick, like running, biking, tennis…soccer.

These are all great activities, but doing all these things takes a lot of energy! How do you prepare?

How do you take advantage of everything that summer offers without going through your summer and not taking part in everything you wanted to do? If your like me, I focus on my energy and work on staying positive.

Consider these 12 ways to obtain and maintain your energy so you can make the most of your summer:

1. Get your vitamins and minerals. 

Even though experts recommend a multi-vitamin daily, this is meant to be taken in addition to a balanced diet of whole foods. Many of the food we eat are depleted from their complete nutrients. Vitamins help restore the body with what we lack in our diet. If you are on medications talk with your doctor first before talking any vitamins. You want to make sure there will not be any complications. Supply your body with good, nutritious foods and you will be surprised with the energy you have.

2. Avoid heavy foods. 

When the opportunity to take part in a fun, physical activity arises, you want to feel ready! Eating rich, fattening foods makes you want to sit down and watch TV or snooze. You can assume it’s not doing much to pump up your energy reserves. Instead, choose lean meats, vegetables, and foods filled with fiber, such as whole grains to provide your best nutrition. Fruits are also great as they are mostly water. Watermelon and berries are wonderful choices to consider.

3. Take care of your emotional needs. 

You’re the only person who knows exactly what you require to keep your emotional side in balance. It’s important to do whatever is needed to ensure your emotional needs are taken cared of, whether that’s surrounding yourself with good friends, staying close with family, or doing the hobbies that bring you happiness We need to stay away from negativity as much as possible as well. Negative people and energy can have a profound impact on our own well being. If you cannot avoid those people it is suggested to talk with them and help understand what they are going through. Maybe you can help them bring about positive emotion in their own life. You want happiness in your life as much as possible, that is what feeds our positive energy. Nothing invigorates more than feeling content and happy with yourself and your life as a whole.

4. Sleep well. 

Getting restful, deep sleep is necessary for your health. And in order to have plenty of energy during these active summer days, you’ll need plenty of shut-eye to give your body time to recover. Aim for 7-8 hours. It is also important to go to bed and wake up at a consistent time, that includes weekends. Try to stay in a positive routine each day and get plenty of rest.

5. Plan ahead. 

To keep yourself from feeling stressed out and hurried have an idea of what you want to do over the next several days. Making a note of what you want to do means you’ll also plan to achieve balance regarding your activity, rest, and rejuvenation. Do what works best for you; often a Sunday evening is a great time to plan the next few days out and stay on top of your summer's activities.  

6. Meditate. 

Meditation is a great tool to  help the mind attract positive energy. You need some quite time to focus. Ideally morning is best. If you have kids or a noisy spouse, wake up before them and quietly focus on yourself. 5 -10 minutes each day is generally sufficient, however consider how you feel afterwords and adjust accordingly. To meditate it is suggested to focus on your breathing while keeping your eyes shut. Take deep breaths in through your mouth but exhale through your nose. You can try holding your breath in short 10 -15 second intervals while focusing on the top of your head, back of your throat and your heart for maximum efficiency. It does take practice but meditation can definitively help bring about that inner peace.

7. Look your best. 

Summertime is the time to show off all that hard work you have been putting in at the gym. It’s the perfect time to wear the cutoff sleeves, tanks, or bikinis, when appropriate of course! Wear garments that highlight those toned arms and legs. You have earned it! How you feel about your appearance is closely connected to how you feel about yourself. You’ll feel emotionally energized when you believe you’re looking your best.

8. Smile more. 

Think “fun in the sun.” You look confident, strong and completely revitalized when you smile. That smile does look good on you! It also makes you appear more friendly and open to conversation. Nothing says a grouch like crossed arms and a frown. Having a bad day? You can totally turn your day around by getting in some rays. Get some fresh air and some sun and start smiling more!

9. Be active. 

Sit less. Move more. When we are stagnant over long periods of time we can shorten our lifespan. What better reason to get outside and start moving! Whether you’re in the house completing a chore, shopping and running errands, or playing baseball with the kids, you’re more vibrant when you’re fully engaged. Take the kids, get the friends and go camping, fishing or just do something fun. Perhaps join the summer tennis league or softball team. Being active increases feelings of confidence. You will get more accomplished and will invigorate you more than anything else.

10. Vary your activities to keep your energy flowing. 

No matter what your favorite activity is, such a playing golf, a change of pace can revitalize you. Ride bikes with your kids. Jog around the block with your son or daughter. Finish the yard work or wash the car in between other activities your involved with. It may sound exhausting but keeping busy with a variety can actually keep you going.

11. Pace yourself. 

Allow for adequate time to rest, read, watch television, or listen to your favorite music and other more mundane things you also enjoy. Doing what you love and resting sufficiently will give you energy to stay active and do even more.

12. Stay hydrated. 

Water is the ultimate refresher. Our bodies are mostly water after all. It is important especially in the heat to drink plenty of water as we lose water through our sweat. The 8x8 rule is popular, although there is no exact science to how much water to drink. 8oz, 8 times per day should be sufficient but do what works for you. Also consider the loss of electrolytes. During prolonged activity salt water or Gatorade can also help replenished those lost minerals from our sweat. The important thing is to stay away from the soda and sugary drinks.

Unfortunately, there is no one thing to do in order to revitalize and keep your energy up. Using the tips discussed to stay in your best shape emotionally, physically, and mentally are great steps to a fulfilled and remarkable summer. Get started today and pump up your energy this summer! Let’s have fun and enjoy the outdoors!

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