My Reason to Serve

30 Oct

by: Remie Longbrake | published: Oct 30, 2018

Life is best lived, in the eyes of God. 

My journey has been successful but not always a positive one. At the current moment in my life, I cannot say I am fully satisfied. I believe that because life is a journey, one that never stops. We should never be content in where we are as we can and should do more. More to help others in any way we can. I believe my own life has been forever changed in that very moment and I said no more suffering, no more self pity, and handed over all my problems to Christ. 

I am not here to preach, but I am here to give a voice in that there is hope when you turn your pain to God and simply say help.

There is pain and suffering all over the world in all aspects of life. Sin was created by the doing of the original duo, Adam and Eve. To this day and every day we are presented with choices to live our life. Like many, I lived my life very average. In that I mean, I didn't plan, I didn't create goals, I didn't listen to others like I should. Ever day was about getting through to the next. I now realize that's no way to live. I was heartbroken, not from others wrong doing, but from my very own. I choose to wake up each day without meaning and without any hope. There are so many people who live this same day. Figures say that depression is at records highs. It makes you wonder, that in such a connected world with endless ways to communicate with each other, that why is depression so high.

My explanation is too many people do not live according to God. They live their lives just hoping to get through it. That sucks. They focus more on TV then the people right beside them. They try to outdo each other and put others down for no reason other then to be spiteful and make themselves feel better. Credit card use is sky high, as are student loans. People live beyond their means and don't save for retirement or their children's future. More people then ever are using drugs along with opiods and anxiety medications. People are struggling. Needless to say this isn't the environment Jesus has in mind for us.

Priorities need to be in order. Personally I now choose, faith, family, friends, and freedom. Yes freedom, why? Because God put each of us on earth to be free. None of us should not be directed by others, told how to live our lives or live in disparity. We are have God-given gifts. We are all unique. Going through life just to get to the next day cannot happen. We must live in the present, not worry about our past, and plan for the future. Most importantly we must all live. None of us know when our time is up, of course it is uncomfortable to talk about, but it is true. We must all live fulfilling lives. It should not be focused on money. The act of helping others has such impact. It could be something as helping someone with their groceries or striking a conversation with a stranger. Help each other, listen and connect. The strange thing is that I would say it makes you feel better just as much as it does the person your helping. 

I recently was blessed by going on a mission trip. The trip was to help in the relief effort of Hurricane Michael in Florida, which struck the panhandle. With a great group from the church we assembled and helped remove trees and and waste from the homes and the many properties affected. In that time I saw suffering, but I also saw lots of hope and relief. People from all over converging to help others in their time of need is awe inspiring.

In that moment I witnessed true love, love from God, who have shown these people that times can be extremely difficult but not to loose faith. Whether God controlled the hurricanes, I cannot say. I believe that the main resolve is that the world in not perfect, but what makes each of us winners in God's eyes is the act of love and caring for others, in good times and bad.

I had been struggling to find a real purpose for a successful life other then achieving money. I know money does not equal success. I realize I am already successful because I believe it in my heart. I really want to be free from my day job so I have both the time and money to help others in their time of need. It would be great to stay down there in Florida for as long as it takes and not just one week. I would also like to go oversees to anywhere that I can help. In this country and all over there are real struggles. 

I wish more than anything to be FREE! There is a wonderful system that I am now apart of that provides just that. It's very exciting to get up each day with purpose. By God's design, I can do anything I want. I choose not let struggles get me down, I choose to listen to positive people, and I choose help others.

I challenge you to live your life with meaning. Don't fret the big stuff, but also don't fret the small stuff. Be faithful. Live your live for yourself, your family, your friends, and your FREEDOM!

God Bless!

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