In the Beginning

16 Oct

by: Remie Longbrake | published: Oct 16, 2018


First off I want to thank you so much for visiting my website! If you choose to support my business I am forever grateful! This means everything to me. I realize it's just a business, but what it represents is freedom. Freedom and hope from the daily grind and struggles. I along with so many others want a better future for ourselves and our family. The American Way is for free enterprise, capitalism is where that is built. I value this country and what is stands for. This business represents exactly that, an opportunity for the dream.

When I started out and decided I wanted to pursue my own business, it was just that an idea. I originally had no real direction or idea of what I wanted to do. This goes way back, at least as long as I can remember, probably high school. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I come from a fairly average family. Grew up lower middle class, both parents are high school educated and worked extremely hard to provide a good living. They were working extra hours when ever possible to make ends meet. It was always a struggle, one that grew on me year after year. I am very grateful, not for the struggles necessarily, but I realize everyone's background is different and mine is no where the lowest. I am grateful for the education, the desire to pursue, and the push to make me the person I am.

I am the oldest of three. Both brother and sister and 8 and 10 years younger. I was fun growing up with them and being able to bond. I reflect about those days often. I would say today we are even closer. My sister is very Christian, and her passion and growth to God and shown me there is a better way to living. She is very smart, loving and has grown into someone I really respect. My brother is very much like my father, very hard working, dedicated, honest and to the point. He is funny, tough and smart. A true man's man, who I can lean on as he can lean on me. 

Out of high school I went straight to ITT Technical Institute, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew I needed an education and I enjoyed computers. I decided to major in Networking. I liked it, stuck with it, and graduated in 2003. It was rather disappointing, IT jobs were hard to get into at that time. I had some interviews but ultimately never got my foot in the door. I was working full time at a Staples store and on the side I done computer support. That was sort of my intro to self employment.  

While at Staples, I met another business owner who liked my energy and eventually brought me into his business. His thing was selling insurance and retirement funds. I started out slow, but got my insurance license and went into that full time. I was an independent sales agent. I loved to work, setting my own schedule, meeting with people and being an expert at something. It felt great really. 

I like the work, but even though I worked for myself ultimately I worked for him. I decided to take my insurance knowledge a step farther and open my own business. I started the business with a partner. Business was good, but tough. We were truly on our own, nothing to fall back on except our own education, experiences, and dedication. I loved the selling, talking to people, running the business. I liked the numbers and budgeting. I hated all the taxes, but I knew it was ours and that was awesome!

Unfortunately, we simply ran out of money after couple of years. I knew that going in that ninety percent of businesses don't succeed. I looked at it as a learning experience. We definitely made mistakes, but we grew a lot. Time management, prospecting, closing the sale, follow ups, advertising. The work weeks were long, but I loved it. Perhaps because I looked at it as though we ware making a difference. Really we were. It wasn't just about trying to save people money. We were making connections and it's too bad it didn't work out.

After the initial insurance venture, I moved on and got into medical supplies. It's a field that is definitely growing and there is much need in any community. At the present, I have my insurance license which is still a passion along with helping people save. I also love working out and eating right so I want to pass those traits onto others through good habits. That's where my coaching business comes in. Finances and health are two of the most important aspects of a person's life. I enjoy both, therefore it makes sense to help people in these areas. 

I love sales, customer service, inventory management, but most of all people. This world is ever changing and glad to learn do much. I've developed good, lasting friendships and I am grateful for all of them.

As any employee, it's generally the safe route. Overall I enjoy it, but it's not entrepreneurship. Since we are born we are taught to study, get a good job, work hard, keep your head down and keep grinding. There is nothing wrong with that, but I also see that as the employee you have a job, perhaps a very good job, but it's still a job. Most people I think generally don't even think twice. These days a person could be a hundred thousand in debt before they leave college. Nothing in life is guaranteed, the thought of that much debt is scary. Many people are okay with that because chances are they will get a good job and get that paid off. It might be in 30 years but still if the job is there just keep working and it should be accomplished in time.

That's the great thing about life, it's full of decisions. Nothing is predetermined. We can all set out to do anything we want. I may not be the quickest decision maker, however I do enjoy life and that is what's important. I value the job lifestyle. I think most of us do the safe job thing because it is safe and not real messy. Plus that's how we are taught, we get set time off usually. It's easy to flip the switch at the end of the day and say it's not my problem.

I value my freedom more then anything. I realize at the end of a Monday, I still have four more day's to go. Weekend comes, then clock starts over. We do that for thirty, forty years if we are fortunate enough to retire at a decent age. Even though I am not married nor do I have kids, I want there to be more then enough to support their goals and dreams someday and of course my own. I want to travel, golf in the middle of the day, allow my future wife to not have to work. Allow the kids to either be home schooled or private schooled. Pay for their colleges where ever they choose to go. I would like to own land, have a lake house. Retire my dad, just no financial struggles for any of us. If I can spread that into others and the community, that would be wonderful. That's the goal and it's an obtainable one.

My life is no where perfect, and I am not here to project a fantasy of anything of the sort. I have struggles and pains like all of us. Ultimately after so much pain manifested I asked the Lord for inspiration and guidance. He answered. I stay true to His Word above all else. For that I believe I have been blessed. I know my journey is new, but I stay faithful, I stay positive and I choose to listen to smart people who love Christ and value others.

Through church I have allowed myself to associate with those who also struggle, but we also guide and support each other through a common bond. A bond for peace for ourselves, loved ones, and our communities. 

The other major contribution is the business system I am apart of. Just like church I choose to associate myself with other people who have values, values of mutual respect, who are supporting, intuitive, friendly, and have many other great qualities. I am not here to sell anyone on an idea, I want you to think for yourself. My sole purpose as I write is to just write, document an honest assessment of how I see things as I have experienced them.

With good leaders a lot is possible, more then you may think. It was actually more then I thought for a long time. I tended to believe that success was in many ways preordained, limited to those who have money or who got lucky in life and that somehow money set up the success. Some of that is true, money can make things easier, but don't count yourself short as many people started from nothing and are huge successes.

I believe it's crucial to live for right now. Establish your goals for yourself and your family, and enjoy life right now as it happens. It's true you only live once, I have no plans to squander it. Have a purpose, set goals, have positive influences in your life and never give up your dreams!

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