Improve Your Lifestyle With These Tips for Relaxing and Getting Quality Sleep

09 Jun

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by: Lisa Walker (Contributing Writer) | published: June 9, 2021

Troubled sleepers cope with a variety of issues that keep them from getting good rest; some suffer from physical pain that makes getting comfortable difficult, while others are living with anxiety that gets in the way of relaxation

Mental health and sleep are closely connected; individuals who are living with depression or anxiety often have a very hard time finding good rest because it’s hard to shut off the mind or push away negative thoughts. When your mental health isn’t in peak condition, your physical health takes a toll as well, making sleep even harder to find. Learning how to cope with stress and anxiety, finding the right bedding and sleep position, and making your environment as comfortable as possible will be helpful in getting better rest. 

Here are a few tips on how to find better quality and better quantity of sleep.

Sleep can be hard to come by when you’re feeling wound up, so learning to relax is essential. Some simple stretches can relieve tension and stress. If you suffer from anxiety, consider trying CBD oil, which can help you cope with those feelings while relieving stress. Derived from the marijuana plant but containing little or no THC, CBD oil has been used to great success by individuals who are living with everything from mental health disorders to migraines and can help you learn to shake off the things that are keeping you from getting good sleep.

Find the Right Pillow
A good pillow can make all the difference for a side-sleeper. This is because the back, neck, and shoulders often get misaligned while sleeping on the side, leading to a lot of pain and chronic issues. A firm pillow — such as one made of memory foam — can be a huge benefit, and you might also use a pillow between your knees to keep your hips aligned when you sleep. 

It’s also imperative to make sure you have a good mattress. Do some research to find out which type is best for your needs, as there are many kinds on the market. Think about the position you wake up in, whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper, and how much you move around.

Address Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes paused breathing during sleep, which results in loud snoring and poor sleep quality. If sleep apnea goes untreated it could lead to serious health issues like high blood pressure. One possible contributor to sleep apnea is crowded and misaligned teeth. 

Fortunately, you can correct this issue without having to visit a dentist or orthodontist. At-home aligner options like Candid can help straighten your teeth. Additionally, they offer a remote monitoring system where an orthodontist can track your progress to ensure your aligners are working properly. It’s important to note that treatment from Candid will cost more than other at-home aligners, but for many, the peace of mind gained from working with an orthodontist is worth the higher price point. 

Change Your Environment
The environment you sleep in can have a major impact on the way you rest, so take a look at your bedroom and evaluate it. Temperature, lighting, bedding, and even the paint color can all play a role in your ability to get comfortable and relaxed. Typically, a cool room with neutral or calming colors (such as blues and greens), dim lighting, and soft bedding can go a long way towards helping troubled sleepers get rest.

Meditation is a great way to learn to relax and cope with stress and anxiety, allowing you to leave it behind when you climb into bed at the end of the day. When utilized in conjunction with an activity like yoga, meditation can help you focus on the present and banish worry while feeling a connection to yourself or even to a higher power. Learn how to meditate now and you’ll soon be able to do it anywhere, giving yourself a way to relax no matter where you are. Yoga can also teach you stretches that will help you feel better after sleeping on your side.

Troubled sleepers make up a large part of the population, but you don’t have to suffer silently. From learning new exercises to figuring out ways to get your bedroom in shape, there are many things you can do to find better rest, and these changes will benefit you for years to come.

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