Holiday Healthy Eating & How To Do It

17 Nov

by: Remie Longbrake | published: Nov 17, 2019

Most of us don’t want to gain 5 pounds over the holidays, so what’s the scoop?

How is it possible to get in that pumpkin pie and potatoes, and not add pounds? Many of us get derailed on our diets over the holidays. It’s hard not to, with so many options, and grandma’s cooking, it’s hard to avoid.

As Thanksgiving and Christmas season draws near, it becomes harder and harder to stick to sensible eating habits. The season as a whole, brings in more then good tidings. And with the add calories staring us in the face, we must face the fact that we need to eat right and avoid those pounds!

In reality there is no easy solution, however, here are some nutritious tips to holiday happiness.

Perfection is hard to perfect
First, ditch the idea that you need to be perfect in order to eat healthily or to lose weight. An occasional candy bar, glass of wine or piece of cheese won’t ruin your whole diet, unless you use it as an excuse to give up. Instead of trying to be perfect, focus on being eating healthy 80% of the time or a bit more. That might mean having a healthy breakfast and lunch, ordering a sensible meal for dinner, then enjoying an indulgent dessert.

Eat those veggies
Eating veggies and fruits in important to a healthy diet, no matter the season. When it starts getting cold outside, nothing beats a bowl of vegetable soup.

It’s good practice to have a veggie with every meal, yes including the holidays! Just be cautious of Aunt Lynn’s green bean casserole, it may be good, but also packs a pile of calories. Same with fruits, just because it’s strawberry pie, don’t make it the best option. Try whole, fresh strawberries or better yet a salad bowl of fresh fruits or even a veggie tray…a great option indeed!

Also watch eating too much fruit in general. Many are high in frutose, with is sugar. Although better then pie, it’s better to stick to the veggies when you can.

No reason to stock up the stocking to soon
It’s so tempting to grab a pile of candy while it’s cheap, especially right after Halloween, but remember that stores will have plenty of foods on sale right until Christmas and beyond. If you stock up too soon, you’ll probably find that you’ve eaten an excess of goodies well before Santa’s sighting.

Rule of thumb, keep those treats out of the house and you’re much less likely to be tempted.

Make Something Healthy
When going to the in-laws or office carry-in, it’s good practice to bring a dish. Rather than making that fat-and-sugar-laden chocolate pie or brownies, how about something different this year? If you take along a salad or a bowl of roasted vegetables, you’ll be doing yourself a favor, plus other guests may appreciate having some healthier options to their choosing.

Of course for dessert, fruit salad or baked fruits are great options. If those aren’t going to be popular with Uncle Paul and the others, look for a low-fat cake or muffin recipe. Yum!

Don’t party on empty
When you’re going out for an evening of food, drinks, and festivities, have a healthy snack or a light meal before. Even a sandwich will do. Going to a party hungry means getting intoxicated quickly, and diving into fatty, salty or sugary snacks. Of course, you don’t want to be that person who makes a fool of themselves.

If you’re going to be out and about running holiday errands, take a couple of pieces of fruit or a granola bar with you, so that you’ve got a quick snack to hand.

So there are some great tips to get through the holidays. Willpower goes a long way. Of course if you also exercise regularly you know all those extra helpings will means extra hours in the gym.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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