7 Effective Ways to Handle Stress with Ease

16 Feb

7Effective Ways to Handle Stress with Ease

by: Remie Longbrake | published: Feb 16, 2020

The things about stress is everybody has it.

There is no one in this world that can say they have never been stressed. Stress affects us all. Some of us are better at managing the negative impacts that stress has over us. It’s up to us to determine for stress influences our lives and how we use stress to live more proactive and enjoyable lives.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with what is happening in occurring in your life, use these stress management guidelines will help reduce the negative impact which has taken hold.

1. Wake up with Purpose.

Before you even get out of bed in the morning, give yourself some time to relax. Use this time to focus on you and get unnecessary, self destructive thoughts out of your head. Beginning your day with purpose allows you to reflex on what is important and enhance your performance at work and keep you calm. Avoiding social media is a huge part of starting your day off right. Give yourself at least 30 minutes of you time to set your day up for success. Getting drawn in to early to all the media, text messages, and emails will put your mind in a reactive state. When you react instead of inspire, you are no longer in control. You want to be in control, as a muddled mind will impair your ability to accomplish tasks and execute them effectively. So do your best to obtain a clear mind and help get your positive thinking to open your day to its wonderful opportunities.

2. Be Real.

You can’t fake success, however you can be fake with yourself. It’s one thing to be honest with your friends, peers, and colleagues, but being honest with yourself is quite another. Telling yourself the truth can help your mind handle stress more efficiently. If you're prone to worsening your own stress, be honest with yourself about it and determine what can be done to overcome your current state. You can overcome your tendencies toward stress before, during, and after life events and difficult situations. If you can’t deal with these effectively it can at some point lead to other issues, such as anxiety, depression, and make ourselves more prone to disease.

3. Self-Compromise to Rise.

Stress is an unavoidable part of our lives, but it doesn’t have to control it. Self-compromise doesn’t mean giving in to stress, but to understand it’s going to be there. We can actually use stress to get things accomplished really. Growth happens when you are stressed, so it can be beneficial, the process however is to not let it dictate where to end up, and that is usually done by giving in. Self-compromise when it comes to stress can take some finesse, however it can be powerful to accept something as is while deciding not to be controlled by it.

4. Be Willing to Let Go.

Another way stress accumulates is through our dependence to control our circumstances. The reality is as much as we always want to be in control, sometimes we just need to let the winds guide us. To often we fight the present and don’t accept reality, which causes even more problems. The world is a awesome, but often a harsh place. Many time we have some great ambitions, however those ambitions to often are not even our own. We allow other influences such as our environment, friends, family, finances tell us what’s possible. It’s important to know what we want, truly want and why. Additionally, we need to step back and let go of the things to we are fighting against and understand why we are against that obstacle in the first place. Many times we simply go with it, without realizing what we are doing, and that is detrimental to our own successes and not allowing us to be true to our ideals and possibilities that lie ahead.

5. Be a Problem Solver.

When in those difficult times, whether at home or work; maintaining a problem-solving mindset keep us going. To many times we just give up when things become too hard. If we would have just pushed through a little more, we would’ve obtained everything we set out for and then some. 

The other thing is not everything is an issue to begin with. We just may not be looking at the solution in the right light. Sometimes that takes another perspective, which isn’t always are own, at least not yet. I’ve been in many situations where I wanted something so much but just couldn’t see the path, mainly because I was trying to hard and not seeing the solution right in front of me. Additionally, I’ve helped others identify their challenges just the same.

We also set ourselves up for success by not viewing issues or problems as if they are these huge mountains to overcome, but instead chunk them down to more manageable sizes. Take each task individually and reward yourself for hanging in there and getting the job done. Maintaining this frame of mind will put you in the driver's seat as opposed to stress taking control over your mindset.

6Visualize Success.

Visualizing what success looks like is a great resource, especially for those struggling with stress. Before starting your day, visualize yourself having a successful day and create a plan of action. The fear of failure often brings on stress and anxiety, so visualizing situations of success has the ability to change how you function day-to-day. Visualizing can be done simply by setting in a quite room and closing your eyes. Also, you can write it out, determine what your will accomplish and what success looks like on the other side. At the end of the day, again take time to soak in the day, not to nit-pick what didn’t go right, but to see the victories being made. Repeat that process day after day, it’s a powerful tool and one I highly recommend.

7Keep it Simple.

Too often we over complicate things. Every aspect of our lives has its complications. From our work, our relationships, our finances, even our health. I’ve even struggled with what should be done in free time, talk about over complication! I done that because I felt guilty for not getting more done. Eventually I realized that I was really complicating my life, which brought on the high levels of stress I was trying to overcome. It does take time, but I look at things as simply as possible. What can I accomplish today, tomorrow, next week, etc. Who can I help and why do I do what I do, and what am I seeking overall. We all can do this; yes it does take time, but so does worrying and complicating our lives so much that we end up not doing nearly as much as we want to, nor being the person we want to be.

Our thoughts naturally go to survival. We are creatures who have thrived and overcome generations of hardship and struggle. Still however we tend to see the worst outcomes over the possibilities to excel. That is not an easy process to overcome. It does take practice, however using the information above can really set yourself up for success and help you obtain everything you look forward to in life. So don’t let the stress override or derail your opportunities. We all have the right to determine our future, use stress as a building block to achieve the victories you know are within you.

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