11 Terrific Tips for Achieving Your Goals

16 Aug

by: Remie Longbrake | published: Aug 16, 2019

Everyone has heard of goals and most understand the power of goals that can shape your future. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a good understanding of how to achieve goals. Consequently, most never even set goals let alone go after them.

Understanding what it takes to achieve a goal will greatly enhance your odds of success in everything you do. From your career to your relationships, to your finances to your legacy. Goals have a huge value in achieving your purpose in life. I believe we are called to do something. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, however why not try and see how fulfilling your life can be.

1. Set clear goals.

The truth is most people don’t have goals to begin with. Those that do have goals often have goals that are ineffective. The reason is that it’s very difficult to achieve something without having it be specific and stimulating.

  1. Meaningful. Avoid setting goals that don’t motivate and excite you. It’s easier to achieve a goal that you find motivating.
  2. Make it yours. Your goals need to be yours! I know that sounds odd, but we often do set goals around other people. We mean well, but it’s hard to stay motivated if you don’t own the outcome.
  3. A clear end in sight. How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal? Be specific and have a way of          measuring your progress.
  4. Set a deadline. Goals never seem to be accomplished without a deadline attached. You can keep waiting for the next day to get started if you don’t have a deadline to meet. Then, that “tomorrow” never comes.

2. Visualization.

Goals are more likely to be achieved if you regularly visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. Imagine what it will be like when you meet your goal. Feel and talk like you have already achieved the goals. This helps your mind process that your are capable of doing this. The inability to picture the success of your goal suggests that you don’t believe you can do it. Take time daily to pause and put yourself in the moment of where you have the things already.

3. Affirmations.

Affirm that you’re the person that can and will achieve your goal. Recite them to yourself at least three times each day, preferably aloud. These are great reminder for yourself. Post them in your car, office, mirror, on your computer. It helps keep you motivated and on tasks. We get busy and often will go to tasks that are easier and more familiar. Keep the affirmations specific but brief if possible. I believe Post-It’s were invented for this reason alone! Keep affirming to yourself.

4. Find the right people.

Our goals are much more likely to be successful when it involves others. Friends and family are great, but they are not always the best ones to help us achieve our goals. Often it is those close to us who actually set us back. They want what is best for us, however our goals can consist of big changes, and those changes can be uncomfortable to comprehend. It’s important to share your goals with others, but also seek people in the community and even those online who can help your achieve those goals.

5. Seek the right information.

Imagine you have a goal in mind that seems incredibly difficult. Find out and do some research on what it is going to take to accomplish what you want. If it’s your fitness, what do you want to look like? How often will you need to work out. What type of exercises. What foods should you be eating. What’s the portions. If you don’t know, find out. Ask questions. Find out who’s the expert in that field. Follow them online, reach out to them in the community and do what it takes.

6. Cut the excuses.

Excuses are plenty, everyone has one and nothing to show for it. If you really want your goal, you need to find ways to eliminate the excuses standing in your way. Time and money are the most common for sure, but not the only ones. Find the time your need. Lack of money can be difficult to overcome, however there are ways to find a solution. Be creative and be patient as well. Often by building those relationships solutions will present themselves. Don’t expect solutions to appear without putting in time and some work however. Look at all your daily tasks and eliminate or redirect the tasks that can and should be handled by some one else. The most successful delegates when ever possible and only focus on what truly matters.

7. Get uncomfortable.

Pursuing a goal of any magnitude will create some discomfort. There’s no way around it. It’s how we learn. We have to get outside our comfort zone in order to do so. It’s necessary to learn how to minimize that discomfort as much as possible and be able to deal with it in a positive manner.

  1. Fear of failing. It might be the fear of failure. It might be some actual failure as well. It’s not likely things will go right the right time. It could be the discomfort of making cold calls and dealing with rejection. It might be the discomfort of learning something you’ve never done before. 
  2. Perhaps giving up your favorite distractions so you have time to work on your goal creates discomfort. Set a schedule and stick to it. Let others know that you can’t be bothered during that time.
  3. Whatever your reason for discomfort in pursuing your goal, it’s important to discover ways you can overcome it.

8. Perseverance.

Goals can take time. Big goals take more time. Add in a little failure and a little discomfort, and suddenly quitting can be appealing. You can’t achieve a goal if you quit before it’s accomplished. Perseverance is one of the most important traits anyone can possess. 

9. Change your habits.

We are creatures of habit. Good and bad, our habits define us and what we accomplish. It’s crucial to set good habits. It could be to get up earlier or go bed earlier so we have the proper time to accomplish things. Giving up TV or limiting social media time is important. Video games, nights out, spending excess money. It’s about focus and committing to yourself that what your are doing is truly important.

10. Set your goals big!

We will get farther by not accomplishing huge goals then by setting goals that are easily obtainable. The thought is that we will become bored and not do enough if we set small goals. Yes, we may achieve them, but we won’t be as satisfied or as hungry to achieve the next goal we set.

11. Action.

There’s a great appeal to the idea of making your wishes known to the universe and then just relaxing until some mystical force delivers what you want. However, action is also necessary to bring about a real change. Figure out what you need to do and do it. Get clear on what it will take to accomplish and start taking the necessarily action today. The only thing holding you back is you.

What are you doing today to change your tomorrow?

There are many things you can do to make achieving your goals more successful. The key is to set goals and keep working towards them. Use these tips to build your own successes and help others do the same.

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