Remie Longbrake, born and raised in rural central Ohio. He grew up in a lower-to-middle class family, whose parents worked hard to produce a modest living, raising three children and providing the best they knew how. As many families, there were a lot of struggles, mostly financial, but instead of making excuses Remie was mindful of what the road could be for family and future. Pursuing a computer degree in college, Remie started his first trek in business ownership by helping businesses and families with their technology needs.

At 21 years old, Remie was was drawn into sales with computers and business equipment. Learning from that experience and building on those successes, Remie developed knowledge of insurance and financial planning. Working in that environment helped educate Remie on finances and wealth strategies. Additionally, he learned the reality of middle America. That there is a serious lack of financial literacy and a definate need for pratical planning and education in the marketplace. This let Remie to start his second company at 25, providing all types of insurance products to residents in western Ohio.

Although initially successful with insurance planning, Remie learned that success doesn't come with an instruction manual. He become overextended on money, trying to grow to quick, but also putting in 80 plus hours week he became weary and eventually closed shop after a few years. Valuable lessons were learned. A trying time indeed, Remie knew that hard work doesn't always pay off like we would hope.

Never one to give in (because there is no other choice), Remie studied the marketplace for years. Investing time, energy, and money into building relationships and a solid investment strategy in order take those lessons learned and provide more value. Remie started Prosper Pathways in 2018 to serve in the best way he knows how.

Remie knows from hundreds of conversations and personal experience, the two biggest stressors families face are money and time challenges. The average family faces a burrage of hurdles. Being overworked, not being fulfilled, and over extended are consistent stressors. Not to mention short on time to do what's important and to be happier and have more enjoyable relationships. To live a lifestyle that's abundant and has purpose to help family and community. This is what Prosper Pathways stands for.

Remie resides in beautiful western Ohio, with a good mix of farmland and metropolitan appeal. As a fitness fanatic, Remie thrives in the weight room, running, biking and hiking. Real Estate is a huge passion of his, but nothing beats a good book or a great conversation, sharing stories and being grateful. Committed to Christ, Remie's approach is faith leaning with a passion to help others thrive and live abundantly in every way possible. Not without struggles and trials in his own life, Remie uses his insight and experience to listen and share value through conversation and consultation.

Doing what he is called to do is where Remie meets his stride. Some of it's faith, some of it's experience. He is not alone. There is no doubt, we all should do more and assist more through our strengths. Encouragement can go a long way for those open to direction, feedback, and a honest approach. For those ready, Remie invites you to reach out. Please connect and engage with him on social media, he loves feedback and opportunities to interact.

The world is a vast place with lots of opportunities to grow and impact a lot of people along our journey. We feel our purpose is to provide value and always do the best we possibly can. We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you!

- Remie Longbrake